Friday, October 25, 2013

markdown + criticmarkup

It's been a year since I last posted about markdown, and in that time, the number of interesting applications and services has continued to grow rapidly.  (If you use markdown and  haven't looked at leanpub yet, you  owe it to yourself to take a peek!)

I've been looking recently at using criticmarkup together with markdown, and it seems really promising.  Editorial on the iPad and both Multimarkdown Composer and Marked2 on OS X support displaying criticmarkup within your editor.

It would be nice to have equally convenient ways to automate accepting or rejecting suggested additions, deletions or changes, but the OS X system services in the  criticmarkup site's toolkit did not work correctly when I installed them, so I'm gisting a couple of perl scripts that accept or reject criticmarkup in standard input.

It shouldn't be a big job to turn those into system services. I've never used OS X's Automator, but maybe that would make a good afternoon project...?